Understanding your Utility Bill

How do I estimate my water usage and bill?

We’ve made it easier than ever to estimate how much your bill will be with a free online bill calculator. For the most accurate estimate, check your previous water bills to determine your average monthly use.

Click here to access the free online bill calculator. To fully utilize the calculator, it is recommended that you download the calculator into Excel. 

What is on my utility bill?

Your utility bill will be sent to you between the 26th and 30th of each month and will contain any service charges regarding trash, sewer, and waste services. Payment for utility services is due on the 15th of each month, unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. If this is the case, then the due date for payment will be due on the next available business day.

  1. Account Number: your account number will be used to log into the online portal. Your account number is split into three parts - the first three digits are your route number, the next seven is your service address Id, and the last three are your resident number.
  2. Billing Date: this is the date that the bill was processed.
  3. Meter Reading: these two boxes show your start and ending meter reading for the billing cycle. The previous box is where your meter started for the billing cycle, while the current shows where your meter ended.
  4. Charges and Services: these columns will list out the various utility services and their associated charges for the month.
  5. Winter Averaging: residential customers can take advantage of winter averaging to help reduce their sewer costs throughout the year. To learn more about winter averaging, click here. Your winter average will be displayed in this area next to your total water usage for the billing cycle.
  6. Water Usage: your total usage for the billing cycle will be displayed here. 
  7. PIN Number: your PIN number will be used to log into the online portal. 
  8. Information Box: this portion of the bill will display the billing cycle dates, show past history, due date for payment, and upcoming information regarding Town meetings or events.
  9. Bill Due Date: the due date for payment for your bill will be displayed here.
  10. Total Amount Due: the total payment due for utility services will be displayed here. 

Sample Bill