Town Secretary

The Town Secretary’s Department maintains accurate records for the Town that are available to the public, Town Council and Town Staff through the Records Management Program mandated by State Law and adopted by Town ordinance. This office prepares the Town Council agendas and packets, records and maintains Town Council meeting minutes, resolutions and ordinances. This department conducts town elections, coordinates Town Boards and Commissions Appointments, issues Town alcoholic beverage permits.

General Responsibilities

  • Coordinating and scheduling of Town meetings
  • Creating agendas for the Town Council and other boards
  • Transcribing meeting minutes for permanent record storage
  • Serving as Town election administrator
  • Maintaining and storing Town records

Public Notices and Requests for Information

The Town of Northlake's paper of record is the Denton Record Chronicle. All public notices will be published in the Denton Record Chronicle. Requests for public information should be submitted to the Town secretary.