Engineering Design Manual

The Northlake Town Council approved the Engineering Design Manual (EDM) on May 13, 2010 and revisions were adopted October 12, 2023, to provide a set of guidelines for designing:

  • Drainage facilities
  • Streets and arterials
  • Wastewater lines
  • Water lines and other public improvements and for preparing construction plans for such facilities which are to be owned, operated and/or maintained by the Town of Northlake, Texas


These guidelines shall be used by the Town, Consulting Engineers employed by the Town for the above-described improvement projects, and Engineers for private developments in the Town of Northlake and its extra-territorial jurisdiction as well as for:

  • Approval of construction plans by the Town
  • Issuance of building permits
  • Issuance of earthwork permits
  • Plat approval
  • Site plan approval and for other construction within public rights-of-way and easements subject to Section 245 of the Texas Local Government Code

All projects shall meet state and federal requirements.

Additional Resources

Ordinance Number 13-0124B approved on January 24, 2013, revised Part IV of the EDM and several of the standard details. All changes are incorporated in the documents. NCTCOG integrated Storm Water Management (iSWM) Design Manual for Site Development (2006 Edition) Referenced in EDM Part III - Drainage.