Where is Town Hall located?

New Town Hall from FM 407Town Hall and the Municipal Court have moved just down the road to a new building in Northlake Commons, the new commercial development on FM 407 in front of Harvest. The new Town Hall is in Suite 300, accessed at the rear of the central building of the development at 1500 Commons Circle. 

Departments & Services

The new Town Hall houses the Administration, Finance, and Development Services departments and is also the location of the Municipal Court and Town Council meetings. The old Town Hall at 1400 FM 407 now houses the offices of the Public Works Department. The Police Department will continue to be housed in temporary facilities on the same site until they move into the next phase of the Northlake Commons adjacent to the new Town Hall.

Additional Information

Go to Directions under Contact Us for directions to Town Hall.

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2. Where is Town Hall located?
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