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Meter Check Request Form

  1. Meter Check Request

    Please fill out the form below to request that the Town initiate a work order for Public Works to check your meter. 

    Please note that the initial check of the meter is provided at no cost to the resident. However, if a resident requests an additional leak check within the calendar year, then the resident's account will be charged a $50.00 fee to cover the costs associated with performing additional checks. 

  2. Account Information
  3. Account Number

    Enter the account number from your bill for your account.

  4. Reason for Requesting Meter Check
  5. Authorization of Services*

    I am the owner of this account and I am requesting that the Town schedule and dispatch a staff to perform a meter check of my water meter. If I have already requested a meter check during the calendar year, then I agree to pay the $50.00 fee for an additional meter check. I understand that this fee will be added to my upcoming utility bill. 

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