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Public Works Building

Northlake's original Town Hall building is now home to the Public Works Department. It's the home base of the Public Works Department and houses its administrative offices and provides convenient access to the Harvest Pump Station water facility and Public Works equipment yard.

The building was completed in May 1999. Prior to its construction, the Town leased office space in the neighboring city of Justin for a few years, but for much of Northlake's history, the Town did not have a permanent space as there was no full time staff and meetings were held in private homes.

Town Hall Additions

As the Town has grown since construction of the original Town Hall, the need for more space was met with two additions to the original building before a new Town Hall facility was built. The first addition was completed in February 2001 make room for a growing police force. The second addition was completed during the summer of 2009 to provide additional administrative office space. Along with the 2009 addition, the entire Town Hall building was renovated for the first time since its construction with new flooring, painting, and some additional furnishings.

Public Works' Home

Once the new Town Hall was completed to house the administrative offices of all departments other than Public Works and Police, this building became home to a growing Public Works Department. It houses the administrative offices of the department and provides meeting and training space for the department as well.

Regular office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The main phone number is 940-648-3290.