Planning and Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) reviews all current and proposed ordinances and amendments pertaining to planning and zoning and make recommendations to the Council for action to be taken, makes   proposals   to   the   Council   to   amend,   extend   and   add   to   the Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the Town, keeps public records of its resolutions, findings and determinations and reviews plats  and  zoning  requests  and  makes  recommendations  to  the Council for their final approval.

Agendas & Minutes

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Commission Members

Michaela Monson Website HeadshotMichaela Monson, Chairperson
             Term Expires: May 2023                

Place 3

Davenport, Bryan

Bryan Davenport, Commissioner
            Term Expires: May 2023            

Place 5

Amarante, ChrisChris Amarante, Commissioner

 Term Expires: May 2023            

Place 1

Northlake TX Homepage

Kristen Dixon, Commissioner
            Term Expires: May 2023          

Place 4

Fowler, Aaron

Aaron Fowler, Commissioner
             Term Expires: May 2023          

Place 2

Northlake TX HomepageMaryl Lorencz, Commissioner
             Term Expires: May 2023          

Place 7
Danny Simpson Website Headshot

Danny Simpson, Commissioner
 Term Expires: May 2023

Place 6